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Blasts From the Past

466 posts from 1.0, written between 2003 and 2010, are now housed here on the new site.

In the extremely unlikely case that anyone out there on the interwebs is interested in how to import content from an ancient Blosxom blog into Wagtail, you can check out the custom code I wrote to make it happen.

Day 2: Found a Bug

Of course I noticed a rather complicated bug on this site the day after it launched. And of course it has to do with caching. Luckily it’s the sort of thing that only other web developers are likely to notice (and not even all of them).

No website is ever finished. Ever. Poor old 1.0, when it got frozen in carbonite in 2010, sported a label of “96% feature complete” on its home page because there were a few more niceties I fully intended to implement. Never got around to them. And sometimes things that are finished get unfinished by time. A couple of years back, the oldschool shared hosting that powers the old site imposed a PHP update that broke all the photo galleries in the museyroom. I never had time to sort that out. It is all decrepit, long-abandoned code anyhow, complete garbage by modern standards. A …

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