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These posts are from version 1.0 of, when the site’s blog was powered by Blosxom. Everything here dates to 2010 and earlier. Expect broken links, and in a few cases, broken/missing site functionality.

Times Square HoJo to Close

The Howard Johnson’s at 46th and Broadway in Manhattan is apparently doomed. I don’t know quite how to feel about this. Show me this picture and I know exactly on the planet where to go to see it in person. It’s like 8845 Highsmith Lane, or the Eiffel Tower, or De Rokerij on Singel in Amsterdam: It is a faraway point on the face of the globe that I have seen and have a vivid visual memory of.

The problem with the Howard Johnson’s on 46th, I suppose, is that I only have a vivid visual memory of it because I have walked past it so many times. No, I have never eaten at the Howard Johnson’s at 46th and Broadway. Should I have? I suppose I missed my chance.

Why Blog?

FP asked me a long time ago why I don’t write a journal. My answer was that I saw no point in writing something if there was to be no audience.

A blog has an audience. Which is not to say that this blog is intended to be a world-readable journal. But that’s part of the idea.

Major Art Project #3 Complete

Some folks have wanted to see pictures of what I’ve spent the last few months working on. Here you go. This work was crafted in honor of the marriage of Arin and Byrne and presented to them on February 9, when the blog was not yet out of debugging.

Let the Rain Come

Last night, I walked through San Francisco late at night, in a slow, quiet, steady rain, more of a late spring sort of rain than a winter rain. I wore a tuxedo and carried a black umbrella as I returned to my hotel, “bridesmaid” duties complete, dear friends Arin and Byrne married at long last.

This afternoon the rain in the East Bay was very strange and wonderful. Again, this was not winter rain: It fell softly out of a bright silver sky. It was Edenic. It was a beautiful frame for my friends as they begin their new life together.