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These posts are from version 1.0 of, when the site’s blog was powered by Blosxom. Everything here dates to 2010 and earlier. Expect broken links, and in a few cases, broken/missing site functionality.

Standby to Land on Planet Irata”

If you ever enjoyed M.U.L.E., the amazing, 8-bit multiplayer space colonization game from 1983, you will enjoy this piece at about the game’s creator, Dani Bunton. And if you are a gamer who has never played M.U.L.E., you should. It is an absolute classic. Here is a copy of the Commodore 64 version of the game. To play, you’ll need a Commodore 64 emulator. VICE works well on Win/Lin/OSX and is Free. The primitive UI is not altogether intuitive, so do take the time to read the docs. Now grab one or two joysticks and knock yourself out. (The Atari 800 version of the game also runs on modern PCs via emulation, but it is inferior in terms of both audio and video. The Commodore was simply a better machine.)

President Boosh Speaks

My brother refers to George II as “Boosh.” I don’t know why. I like it. If you say it right, it makes the man sound even more ridiculous and pathetic and stupid than he is. (Yes, “even more.”)

Thus spake Boosh: “And all Iraqi military and civilian personnel should listen carefully to this warning. In any conflict, your fate will depend on your action. Do not destroy oil wells, a source of wealth that belongs to the Iraqi people.” But remember, folks: This war has nothing to do with oil. We’re going to liberate the Iraqi people. Yes, by incinerating some of them, and stop asking questions, you, or you’ll end up in the Helen Thomas section.

Your instructions, good citizen.

THIS JUST IN: Poland is going to commit “up to 200 soldiers” to our war. (Write your own joke here.) I can just imagine them arriving at … read full post »

Time Destroys All Things

I spent the first half of my day trying to figure out if I was really going to drive up to Berkeley and watch Irréversible. This film has spawned quite a stir among critics and cinephiles: It is artfully and skillfully made; its narrative structure is unusual (unfolding backwards, a la Memento); its central theme is a universal truth; however, that theme is explored through some of the most horrifying violence to ever grace the big screen.

I was torn. I like difficult films. I like dark films. But I don’t like watching terrible things happen to innocent people, and I’m in a period in my life right now where I don’t need any help feeling awful about how life sometimes works. I ultimately decided that my interest in the film was strong enough that I’d go anyway.

Before the film’s first quarter-hour is complete, we watch one … read full post »

The Internet Changes Everything, Part 728

L.T. Smash is a reserve officer in the United States Military who has been recalled to active duty and deployed overseas in support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM.” Here is his blog.

Interesting reading. If it is not a hoax (hell, even if it is), it’s only a matter of time before the military cracks down on unauthorized blogs, right? It’ll happen after someone spends half an hour explaining to Rumsfeld what a blog is. Then we’ll have to surf over to Stars and Stripes for the official, sanitized L.T. Smash replacement. Who will, of course, be no good at all.

Independent Radio Rocks

I have started listening to KFOG with some regularity. It is one of the treats of being a Bay Area resident. This is old-school, stuffed-full-of-talent, independent, local rock radio. Dave Morey, the head deejay in the morning, is a legend.

Each night, KFOG does the “10@10” — at 10:00, ten songs from one year. Tonight, they did 1992. That’s high school for me. That’s a lot of memories that came flooding back all at once: memories I very rarely touch. I listened. The music was amazing. But most of the memories were a visceral yuck. They started up when Kurt Cobain did: I’m so happy, ‘cause today I found my friends. I remembered the day we heard he killed himself. The memories grew more pesonal from there.

They finished the set with U2’s “Even Better Than the Real Thing.” The Achtung Baby album is one hundred percent terrific, just … read full post »

On Defenestration

This morning I got into work to discover that my three-week-old Windows XP-based Dell would not let me log in. After taking my username and password, it just hung. I tried booting into “safe mode.” Same behavior. I tried logging in as Administrator. Same behavior. No matter what, same behavior. No error messages, mind you, and nothing in any sort of system log that might point to what is amiss. Nothing to help me at all.

This machine had suffered no trauma — not even a software installation since the last time it successfully started up. It had just decided to throw a fit. Long, long story short: The IS/IT department was stumped by the machine’s behavior too, and ended up calling Dell. Dell’s suggestion was to reinstall XP. Which I basically ended up doing. My machine let me log in for the first time at … read full post »

Department of Etymology

Hatchjaw wrote in asking what the hell a “museyroom” is. My non-answer is, the word appears on page 10 of Finnegans Wake. (Say it out loud slowly for one shade of meaning; break it apart into its constituent parts for more. This is part of how you play the game that is Finnegans Wake.)

While we are on the subject, a limited-time exhibit has been added to the museyroom.

Ebert Gives “Under God” One Thumb Down

Roger Ebert is not just that large dude who reviews movies on the teevee. His printed reviews are generally brilliant, and when he skewers an awful movie, he is frequently hilarious.

The thing you really notice about Ebert after a while is that he is a real writer. The man could write convincingly about anything. Now for the treat: Sometimes Ebert gets worked up about the state of the world and writes an opinion piece, like this one in which he just eviscerates John Ashcroft.

(Crap. The last three words of the previous paragraph probably just got me on some damn Justice Department watchlist.)


Yes, the blog has stalled. This is because I have been sick (mostly in bed) for the last four days and am only now beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. As soon as I stop coughing up ectoplasm, I’ll devote more time to the site.

Come Together

See for yourself the global nature of the nascent anti-war movement. Alas, George remains convinced that he knows better than the rest of the world. So this man, who, as Nelson Mandela put it, “cannot think properly,” and who, no matter what really went down in Florida, did not receive as many votes as the Other Guy, is going to fire up the war machine. And since this man has no grasp of history at all — but rather bases his decisions on an arrogant, born-again worldview that holds that since our nation is righteous and Christian and freedom-loving, we can do no wrong — he doesn’t grok these well-known facts about the war machine: (1) When it starts up, you never know (and cannot control) when it will stop again, and (2) it in turn can start up other machines. Frightful machines. Evil machines. Machines whose actions we … read full post »

Let Me Take You Down

Here is a great little essay comparing the New York and Washington subways. It makes some keen observations about the world beneath Manhattan (one of my favorite places on the planet).

I’m Gonna Be Ready

Our Department of Homeland Security has opened up a new information site,, that is highly educational. Check out these Homeland Security graphics:

What have we learned? (1) Holy crap! Austin is highly radioactive! (2) If while driving you see the horizon explode, swerve off the road immediately. (3) The terrorists are using Klingon technology involving dead fish to create a warp in the space-time continuum.

Will someone remind me what the hell color we are at today?

Infinite Writing

This article at The Onion is spot-on. I have stalled at page 128 of Infinite Jest and am having a very difficult time getting started again. In the meantime, I’m finishing The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. Le Guin, which is a real mindfuck.

You Can Talk to Me

I have upgraded to Blosxom 2.0 beta 1 and hacked together a comments system. (And it is truly a hack; what I do to Perl is frightening.) At any rate, if you want to leave a comment about any given post, click the “comments” link.

Access This

rdesktop is Free Software that lets you connect a Unix box to a Windows machine running Terminal Services (a.k.a. Remote Desktop access in XP). Extremely cool software that just plain works. There is a very friendly graphical front-end available as well, but I found it to be more trouble than it was worth.